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The Junior Room

Welcome to the Junior Room page!

The Junior Room is made up of:

Junior and Senior Infants!

Our class teacher is Ms. Nolan

Term 1

We have had the most incredible start to our school year by welcoming our new school family members into the Junior Room!

Our Junior Infant students have been so excited to start reading. So far we have learned 10 new sounds and we have even started learning to read and spell words all by ourselves!

In Irish we have been learning all our colours in Irish and learned all about 'Mé Féin'.

In Geography this month we went on a mini-school tour around All Saints' National School and visited all the different classrooms and met all our incredible staff!

We celebrated 'International Dot Day' by reading the story 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds. 
Then we created our own dot pictures inspired by abstract artist Wassily Kandinksy.

The Junior Room have also been learning all about our Senses!

So we created another piece of artwork based on expressionism and used Wassily Kandinsky as our inspiration. 
We illustrated how we feel when we hear different sounds, like cars moving, people talking or the school bell ringing!

We also learned about Harvest this month and the reasons why Christians celebrate harvest.
Here are lots of different things that we are thankful for this Harvest Time!

This month in the Junior Room we have been looking at the theme of 'Autumn'. We have learned all about trees, hedgehogs and squirrels!

We have been learning all about 'Ar Scoil' this month. Look at our word wall to see all the new Irish words we have learned since the start of September!

The Junior Room have also created an english words wall with words related to Autumn and Halloween

This month we also celebrated 'Maths Week'! We have been learning to tell the difference between our left and right!
To do this, we also learned lots about coding and practiced our left and rights using some online coding!

We have also started a programme called 'Farmer Time' ran by Airfield Estate. We met our farmer Sinéad this week and had an amazing time meeting her cows!

wassily 2.jpeg

Term 2

Term 2 in the Junior Room has been wild!

We had an incredible time with our Photography Workshops as part of our 'Creative Schools Programme'.

Ms. Condell also came and we celebrated 'St Brigid's Day' and we learned all about our homes!

Now we can also read hard words, that have the magic 'e' in them! Thank you Ms Condell for showing us how 

to read these really tough words! We are now professionals when it comes to 'magic e'.

With Ms. Nolan we focused on 'Transport' and turned our classroom into a real live travel agents! We all got to book our own holidays, with an ideal destination and itinerary!


 Then 'Dublin Airport' took over the classroom! We went on an imaginary shuttle bus to park our cars; checked in our bags and even ran our own security. However, Ms Nolan had her shoes and coat confiscated! Then we had some turbulence on our flight but we were thankful to Ms Mc. Gowan for helping us through it and serving us items from the food trolley on board!

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