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School Hours

School Times:
School starts at 8.40am and finishes at 1.20pm for Junior and Senior Infants, and at 2.20pm for 1st to 6th class.


Break and Lunch Times:
Break time begins at 10:25am and ends at 10:40am. Lunch time begins at 12:20pm and ends at 12:50pm. 

Dropping off Children:
Children should arrive in school at 8.40am to be ready for formal lessons to commence at 9.00 am. Parents should be aware that teachers are not available for informal/formal meetings during this time.

Removing Children from School:
If you are collecting a child early from school, the class teacher should be informed in advance. Parents/Guardians are asked to call to the office to collect the child and to accompany the child on his/her return to school.

Collecting Children:
Parents of Junior and Senior Infant children are expected to collect their children from the school playground at 1.20pm. It is important that children are collected promptly in order to clear the school grounds for use by the remaining classes. At 2.20pm, 1st to 6th classes will be supervised as they are collected from the school grounds.

Any person collecting a child on behalf of the parent will be permitted to take the child only if the parent contacts the school beforehand and indicates that he/ she has expressly authorised the person to collect the child on his/her behalf.

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