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Cinema Trip


Our school cinema trip was amazing! It was our first one in three whole years thanks to the pandemic so we would like to say a special thank you to the Parents Association because it's thanks to them that we watched 'Arthur Christmas' on the big screen!

We got popcorn; juice and loads of other snacks! It was very enjoyable.


We had the brilliant Cinema Trip on 15th December 2022.

We had to go to school early to prepare. So we came in and ate a bit of food so we wouldn't be starving. Then, we paired up with someone from a younger class and we started walking down together in a group.

The walk was really nice and we got to chat for a bit. After, we arrived at the cinema and we got seated. To our surprise, they had organised a nice treat for everyone! We got a salty bag of popcorn, Jelly Tots, a packet of Smarties and a juice of either blackcurrant and orange.

When we finally got sorted, we started the movie.

The film was "Arthur Christmas" and it was really good! I think everyone enjoyed it and so did I. 

That was our Cinema Trip.

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