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All Saints' Carol Service

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Hello, everyone! Christmas spirit has been sweeping through All Saint's National School, because on Friday 16th of December, 2022, we set off to our church for a carol service!


This kicked off with a great welcoming from Tomas. Then, for the whole-school carol, we sang 'Away in a Manger.'


For the first student performance, the Junior Room sang 'I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas'! This was followed by a sweet but meaningful poem about the true meaning of Christmas. Another carol was sung by them and it was time for the Middle Room performance.


There was a humorous play starring not Mary and Joseph but the animals in the barn! They sung 'It's Somebody's Birthday' and it was time for them to take their bows.


Finally, it was time for the Senior Room's performance, which started with a nice traditional Nativity. Amy, who played Joseph, said,

'I was excited, but a bit nervous!'


The famous poem 'Mary's song' was said, 'Come and Join The Celebration', and it was time for the congregational carol, 'Joy to the World.'


There were prayers, a blessing by Reverend Kevin Connoly, a final word by principal Ms. McGowan, and the service was over. Overall, it was a great day and everyone enjoyed it. 


 -Temperance Maguire, 4th Class

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